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and that just about sums it up

'Some people spend an exorbitant amount of their time writing this dumb stuff down for other people to ponder'

Yes, well, ok. Um.

Here's the thing. I'm fascinated by, and I wish I could wrap my head around it, but the main thing I come away with is a kind of mild awe at how much time and effort the guys (and their web dudes) spent putting all this stuff together. I know that's not the point of it all, and there's this cool sub-universe just waiting to be delved into, which will no doubt evolve over time and is probably awesome and must have taken ages to create and...see? There I go again. It all comes back to process and origins, I can't look at it without wondering what it took to build it all.

My favorite parts of the website are the human parts. Pictures of the guys out skiing or working together. Video clips and song sound bites. The rest of it is often just noise that on some level I really want to 'get' and appreciate fully, if not entirely by natural inclination, then out of some obscure sense of obligation; if the guys spent all that time devising this, the least we could do is explore it and respond. This kind of creation isn't intended to stand alone, that much is clear.

I started out ready to map the site and methodically list out the URLs and what they went to, just to make sure (1) I found everything there was to find and (2) I could have some sense of when things change. But really? I got to 140 links - and this with the help of a friend who sent me everything she found as well - and then started hearing from people that the URL results were changing. That kinda left me feeling like the whole receiving end of this project was a losing battle and that eventually there would be one or two very dedicated people still following along, and the rest of us would be feeling left out and wishing we hadn't spent so much time on such an impossible task.

Yes, I realize that is just flowery words for: I'm too stupid to get it and that frustrates me ;-)

The music and the project are so unique that I can't resist them. I just wish I was enjoying it all more, instead of making tentative and unsuccessful forays into the outland with nothing to show for it but a few pictures of the band and an intense desire to hear the rest of 'In a quiet corner of your mind...' But hey, it's not their fault I'm a moron!

Well done, amazing job and I'm glad you had fun putting it all together. But seriously, where's the easy button, guys?! ::grin::

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