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things you didn't know you needed

I wasn't going to blog this, honestly, but it's so random I can't help myself. This post is about 20% fan geekery and 80% superficial nonsense, so you've been warned.

I've always loved gray. So this weekend when I saw an ad in Allure magazine for gray nail polish, I absolutely had to go buy it. I've bought numerous shades of silver or gray nail polish over the years, but the right shade has always eluded me. But this one I could tell would be The Best Nail Polish Ever. Googled the brand, found the shop that sells it, and hopped in the car. An hour later I was happily painting my nails and wondering just how many bottles of the stuff I could buy and hoard, because it is a 'limited edition' shade and I just know it will sell out and I'll spend the rest of my life pining for this amazing shade that will never be made again.

When the polish dried, I couldn't have been happier with the shade. But something nagged at me, why did it look so familiar?

Yup, if I posted it here instead of MySpace or on my regular LJ, there's gotta be a Magne connection, however flimsy ;-)

Turns out my new nail polish isn't 'Stormy Grey' at all - it's Payne's Gray'... on Twitpic

'Stormy Grey' or 'Payne's Gray'? You be the judge.

I posted this picture on my Facebook page and got a few comments from people wanting to know what shade it is so they can buy it, so I thought I'd post it here too for the benefit of other Magne-art-geek-and-general-gray-lover types like myself. It's a brand I'd never normally even look at, let alone spend this kind of money on, but as I gaze at my hands above the keyboard that little 'my nails look awesome!' feeling keeps coming back so I'd say it was definitely worth it ;-)

Yves Saint Laurent Long-Lasting Nail Laquer #39, Stormy Grey

Don't be fooled by the lightish tone in the sample on the web page, as you can see from my picture above it dries much darker and more blue.

I just Googled '#39 Stormy Gray' and found this blog post from a kindred spirit, so I am not the only freak who is melting over this shade:

"Whatever polish piqued my interest, grey has always been my go-to comfort shade, the take-me-seriously colour that says relax. [...] I like the idea of seeing grey while I’m tap-tap-tapping on my laptop keyboard. Like writing is relaxing or something."

I promise a more 'intellectual' blog later on about 090909, I've gotta redeem myself for this superficial lapse somehow! ;-)

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