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Magne on Apparatjik

In early July, Magne and Morten pre-recorded an interview with Janice Long for UK radio, which was broadcast on August 4. The guys talked about the new a-ha album of course, but Janice also asked Magne about Apparatjik, which I thought was very cool - I don't think any other interviewer mentioned the guys' other projects except in the most general terms.

The interview is in a few segments, and in between the guys chose different songs to play on the show. Here are the Apparatjik related bits:

Janice: "Your solo project was actually featured on this show. Say it properly for me."

Magne: "What do you mean? 'Past Perfect Future...'"

Janice: "Appara..."

Magne: "Oh, Apparatjik you mean? I get lost in my many doings (laughs). Apparatjik, have we really?"

Janice: "Yes, I featured three or four tracks, stuff that you'd done in your studio and was given to me to feature, and had an absolutely incredible response to it."

Magne: "Wow, that's good. We are in the process of actually making that something more than just an interesting social setting (laughs). And yeah, it's a lot of fun, it's a lot of people from famous bands and situations trying to come back to a situation with less pressure, less luggage, and just make music for the fun of it. It is creating a lot of good energy for everyone."

Later on, Magne chose the song 'The Zookeeper's Boy' by Mew to play on the show, and Janice asked him about his song choice.

Magne: "Yeah, always liked Mew. And since getting to know Jonas, he's just a fantastically talented guy. Again, we could have chosen a few other songs, but it's quite unique and interesting pop music, isn't it? He writes almost in a way that folk musicians write."

Before the last segment of the show, Janice introduced the 'Ferreting' track.

Janice: "We're going to play 'Ferreting'. Is that in full swing now then?"

Magne: "It has been going on behind the scenes for a little while, off and on. We're all quite busy, all of us. But we have recorded quite a lot of music and it's got its own sound. It's moved on a bit as well from this 'Ferreting' track, so it's quite exciting."

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