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here, have some words

While out promoting 'Foot of the Mountain,' Morten and Magne basically spent all of July talking, doing interviews and various appearances - so there were loads of great quotes from both of the guys in the UK Media last month. Today I updated the long-neglected words page on the Magne F archive with two new quotes that stood out for me:

Morten, Times Online, July 18:

"Magne has always been central to A-ha. He is by far the most playful of the three of us, the most impulsive, and he has very strong instincts. He has developed so much as an artist. Some of his work really hits me, other stuff not so much. He’s always had that artistic element to him, he’s always on a search. What I like about him is his honesty and his determination to peel away anything that doesn’t belong. What is the true essence of this or that? He never rests. It’s inspiring to be around. He has an ability to carry things, though; I’m much more laid-back."

Magne, The Scotsman, July 18:

"'All music that's meaningful is pain-condensed and made into something you can relate to,' decides keyboardist Magne Furuholmen, as we settle into the band's smart West London hotel suite. 'Happy music makes me sad,' he laughs. 'It's like watching a Hollywood movie where you know the ending and (are) told what to feel.' The most garrulous member, he fails to see why so-called 'dark music' should make you feel depressed. Quite the opposite, in fact. 'People find consolation in the way that someone can articulate conflicting feelings and turn them into some sort of beauty,' he says."

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