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Alpha Beta

October 15 - November 14, 2009 | Paul Stolper Gallery | London, UK

According to an e-mail from the Paul Stolper Gallery:

"Magne will be having a new show at our gallery called 'Alpha Beta' which will be running from 15th October - 14th November. The private viewing will be 14th October, but this might change so please check closer to the time. The work will be a limited edition print series of 29 prints based on the Norwegian alphabet."

You can see a picture from Alpha Beta here:

This is great news, especially for any fans who will be in the UK for the a-ha concerts this November. Would love to go see the exhibition, but my travel budget is non-existent this year. I would guess there would be a catalogue or some way to view the prints online, maybe if they are reasonably priced I could order one. The question is which letter? If I went with an initial it wouldn't be for my name because the first letter of my name is graphically pretty boring...maybe G or R. But then again what if some other letter print is just stunning? Decisions, decisions!
Tags: alpha beta, art, london, poetry
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