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Magne's acting debut

Last night, the video for 'Foot of the Mountain' premiered on Viva in Germany, and if you head over to YouTube you will no doubt find several versions of it uploaded. Enjoy!

You won't be able to help noticing that the video is very Morten-centric, however if you count up actual screen time I suspect that the little blobs (collectively, of course) are the real stars of the video. I mean check out this finale:

Well done little blobs! And they can't even sing. Wonder how they look in pleather pants?

I digress.

We should not lose sight of the fact that this video is not only blob-tastic, but as far as I know it is also Magne's acting debut. Smack-dab in the middle of the video, Magne actually has a line: "Are you alright?" or is it "Are you ok?" or is it "Did you see those blobs?" Not sure. But it's a spoken line, and that means there was a script and everything. So no matter how much the blobs absolutely ROCK, Magne's one line surely tops them, right?

I mean right?

OK, sorry people. I haven't updated here in a while so I felt the need to come up with some kind of post. Let's hope there's real news on the Magne front sometime soon or else this blog (I almost typed 'blob' lol) will have to go on hiatus. And I hate that word, so I hope it never gets that desperate!
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