romanglass (romanglass) wrote in magne_f,


Just a quick post to welcome new members of the LiveJournal community, as well as a friendly wave to other new readers out there :-)

I have been so pleased to see some of the information I have posted here being reposted on different sites and forums. It's great to know that my ramblings have at least been interesting to a few people LOL. And you guys?! I've read your posts too and appreciate all the information you share. There is so much I miss that you guys catch. Everything seems to build on everything else, so that together I think we're having a great experience!

It has been great to 'meet' some fun people on both the Coldplay and Mew forums, who seem to be enjoying the Apparatjik mayhem as much as I am. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all more - we obviously have a lot in common already! It's cool to me how each of the forums has a completely different flavor and tone, the information tidbits don't change but the response varies and that's what makes it interesting to go beyond just one discussion.

Anyway, glad you've found your way here! See you around :-)
Tags: apparatjik, coldplay, fans, lj general, mew

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