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change of plan

Since my last post, I have resolved not to document a darn thing. Things change so fast and it's been a lot of fun following, but a bit daunting to think of keeping track for posterity or bloggishness or whatever. So if you wanna be an apparat-chick (or apparat-dude? hmm, doesn't have the same ring to it...), the links are on the right (pointing to the right menu on the page --->).

A few tips, though, if I may? ;-)

~ If you are following Apparatjik or Magne (or indeed any celebrity or public feed thingy) on Twitter, keep in mind that if your profile is set to private, they cannot read your @replies unless they are following you too. Just saying this because I wouldn't want anyone in this situation to feel snubbed or disappointed if an @reply is not acknowledged or responded to.

~ Blinking is inadvisable if you want to get the full experience. An awesome one-minute video called 'Apparatjik mayhem' was online at MySpace and Facebook for less than 24 hours, and now it's gone. Something tells me the guys have more than 1:01 of mayhem up their sleeves, I just hope I am online when they decide to share it LOL.

~ Speaking of which, did you know that on Twitter you can set it up to send you SMS messages when your favorite twitterers update? I was on my way to lunch yesterday when I got a text message saying: "Apparatjik: Has a little present for you :-)" Good thing too, because I was able to catch that video yesterday because of the tweet.

~ Do not adjust your set. If things look strange to you, chances are you just need to try a fresh perspective. Hit reload, scroll down, squint, view source code to give you clues, etc. Plus there are small hints here and there that can be easily missed, so keep your eyes open (example: the Apparatjik's MySpace page's first friend was Josie. A friend of mine noticed that if you look at Josie's profile and view her pictures, at least two of them are being used for background graphics on I have to admit I have missed a lot of stuff that other people pointed out to me, which is fun and maddening at the same time ;-)

~ There are variations in content between all the sites, so don't rely on one source of information.

~ This LiveJournal blog is open to posts from all members, so you don't just have to read the stuff I have to say about Magne's music and art. More information can be found on this post I made back at the begining: Live Journal how-to for new members, or if you have questions you can message me via LiveJournal once you have an account set up. It would be great to have more people's thoughts and reactions to Magne's projects.

~ Google Alerts is an uberfan's friend. Set it up to send you an e-mail whenever something about Magne is published online, and then you can astonish and amaze your friends with how current you are ;-)

That's about it for now. I think it's high time I came up with some Apparatjik avatars for this community, and some tags too. Ah, administravia!
Tags: apparatjik

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