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"we are here"

I've been watching the Apparatjik MySpace page with interest over the last few days. It went from a regular member profile to a music profile; added two friends (Coldplay and Mew); changed from one skin (made from this image tiled) to another (made from this image); removed all friends; and added a new track to the player today called 'Frozen Fingers.' The band name logo has been added, and the contact table is customized too. The page itself looks really good and I guess once everything is set up the way they want it, they'll open it up to friend requests and comments. Fab!

The band member names on the page have changed from their full names to 'Guy A, Magne A, Martin A, Jonas A'. I kinda like that ;-)

The 'Frozen Fingers' track is apparently 5:53 in length, but when I played it, it stopped around 1:40 and the rest of the track wouldn't play. The second time I tried to play it, it only played 42 seconds before stopping.

I also noticed that today the 'About Apparatjik' description changed from the 'Songs for Survival' promotional text to a new, much more interesting text:

There is no about Apparatjik. There is only with or against Apparatjik. we have been left too long in this cold outlandish place to be denied. Granted, some of us have certain characteristics, some have others. but we all share the same genepool. but nothing. no buts, no ifs. it starts with an experiment and continues with another. and so it goes. one day you come home and find a different you in the mirror. hullo. days are nowhere nearly done before they are gone. change the frequency. sleepless saga nights; frozen fingers, frozen moments of zen. and the realization: we were somewhere. somewhere else we were. not no more. we are here.

Took a peek just now and see that the Apparatjik Facebook page has some similar changes in text and band member names.

Anyway, since things on these sites are changing so quickly, I thought I'd take some notes here for people who blink and miss something, and also as a kind of record of evolution. I am vaguely aware that by doing so I might be taking some of the fun out of the 'grand design' of whatever it is the guys are doing or are about to do or have done or...

For example, maybe tomorrow when we check the page, the 'Frozen Fingers' song will be gone, and something else in its place. Which is cool if that's what the guys want to do. But it would be a shame if people never knew it was there - well, unless it was added by mistake, in which case I could be documenting the oops factor inadvertantly ;-) Still I think there is some value and enjoyment in watching the project unfold, so I'm just going to blog what I see and maybe we'll be able to connect the dots sometime along the way ;-)

Oh and when I saw ' we all share the same genepool' my first thought was that maybe Apparatjik will release some music through Genepool Records. Stranger things have happened I guess ;-)

More changes today (2/23), but to spare the flist and the google alert folks out there, I thought I'd throw some stuff behind this cut.

~ in the motto line, it now says 'keep it a secret' (hehe)
~ the band now has one friend, some chick named Josie - well done, Josie LOL
~ the 'About' paragraph now has a lot of letters capitalized within the words. If I wanted to take geekhood to a whole notha level, I'd probably jot down all the capitalized letters and then try to puzzle out a hidden meaning. Yeah, no. I gotta draw the line somewhere - if there's a hidden meaning in there I am sure someone else will figure it out ;-)
~ what with all this and the tweet today 'riddle me this, riddle me that' I figure the guys are having just about as much fun as I am with all this goofiness - eh well, probably more.

Edited on 3/3:

Wanted to take note of the new rotating text from MySpace, here it is:

"We are Apparatjik, and we are here to give you:"

1. "a reason to live";
2. "a bad hair day";
3. "everything you never wanted";
4. "a birthday card";
5. "something for nothing";
6. "more snow";
7. "what you deserve";
8. "bribes";
9. "a second chance";
10. "a sandwich";
11. "chronic pain in the ass";
12. "another first impression";
13. "cake";
14. "hours and hours of fun";
15. "the opportunity to make new mistakes";
16. "more than you bargained for";
17. "a hobby";
18. "up";
19. "new shoes";
20. "triple bypass surgery";
21. "the clap";
22. "new ideas";
23. "lessons in dying languages";
24. "glow sticks for free!";
25. "a nasty habit";
26. "karaoke versions of your favourite songs";
27. "soft kisses";
28. "a better idea of what it\'s about";
29. "an indecent proposal";
30. "lifestyles beyond your means";
31. "another questionnaire";
32. "the kiss of life";
33. "the time of day";
34. "patent leather shoes";
35. "a song and a dance";
36. "virtual infections";
37. "veratrine";
38. "as a present to the others";
39. "the vaccine";
40. "the unspoken words of our generation";
41. "fuckall";
42. "a wink wink, a nudge nudge";
43. "a top secret operation";
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