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"We are all part of the experiment."

I have to admit I sat through quite a lot of rotating text over here, had a good laugh, scratched my head a bit, and eventually browsed away when some phrases started repeating themselves.

For those of us who are curious about the texts but (speaking for myself anyway) lack the attention span to jot this stuff down, the lovely admin of a-ha Italia has done the dirty work and I am reposting the text behind the cut. Grazie echicca!

If you want to avoid 'spoilers', by all means, don't click this link ;-)

1. I am suddenly aware that my robot accomplice and I are both carrying automatic rifles"
2. "Tuck in your shirt, sir"
3. "Don 't mind me"
4. "Datascroll."
5. "Take cover behind the hyena"
6. "My filing system is stronger than your mom"
7. "With these definitions it is easy to describe the process of collapse"
8. "I am suddenly aware that my robot accomplice and I are both carrying automatic rifles"
9. "Something or nothing. Nothing if you are not looking carefully"
10. "We see painting now more as a tool for writing in an interesting way"
11. "Now they come like rain and are real"
12. "Flying leafage"
13. "Too many maniacs, not enough Michelangelo’s"
14. "Like a damaged nerve. Like a dark bird."
15. "I am almost finished making on/off switches for everything"
16. "You look like a million dollars in small change"
17. "Burberry sky factory"
18. "A significant age-induced shift towards organized and unambiguous binary reality models"
19. "Always find the edges"
20. "Cake?"
21. "Our antlers always mix up."
22. "The family will come forward"
23. "The inclination of my seat makes me drop things out of my pockets. You don 't see that happening to other people."
24. "I wish I had a granny like prince"
25. "Let’s all go to Vermont"
26. "That’s 1.7 seconds of your life you’ll never get back"
27" Je vous dis merde. Logez-vous dans cette insulte"
28. "If I’m looking over your shoulder it’s only because..."
29. "She collects instruments of rarification"
30. "Gotta love the smell of intellectual perfume "
31. "Mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images"
32. "There aren 't nearly enough crutches for all the lame excuses in the world"
33. "Wit is educated insolence."
34. "Be careful of your thoughts, they may become words at any moment"
35. "Home flame gun run"
36. "When when when when when?"
37. "Resistance is futile"
38. "Laughter and ridicule are the most potent weapons of the revolution"
39. "I ran up the stairs. But first I stood and considered things. I then ran up the stairs."
40. "A pityful place with pityful people."
41. "Fuck them all, always, for ever."
42. "How can you know what to pay when you have no bloody idea of what it’s worth?"
43. "Self-pity undermines sarcasm. Pick one or the other, then stick with it."
44. "I am not a man who is cheered by drink. I don’t sing or make jokes or chase girls, nor do I stagger or speak thickly I become remote – possibly somewhat glassy-eyed. But I do manage to blunt the edge of that heavy axe that seems always to be chopping away at the roots of my being."
45. "They were out of the green ones. So I got a blue one."
46. "Have you heard?"
47. "Stop milking the dictionary, and tell me"
48. "Have you heard?"
49. "Esse in intellectu solo"
50. "Souvenir, souvenir - que me veux-tu?"
51. "The next thing will change life"
52. "Thinking is mental masturbation"
53. "For things at a common destination there is a common path. Not always easy to see. But there"
54. "Where are you now that I am growing away from you?"
55. "Crystal chandeliers made of adrenalin"
56. "Just because I say so, doesn’t mean it isn’t true"
57. "Time plays on the opposite team."
58. "Plasma is the forth state of matter"
59. " motion, in transit, in the midst"
60. "Scio me nihil scire"
61. "Stately silence"
62. "Narcissism leaks out of western culture like oil from an edsel"
63. "Closets light filled and skeleton free"
64. "How does the never to be differ from what never was?"
65. "Glory in the emotionally commonplace!"
66. "Nothing is interesting if you are not interested"
67. "With most disguises, the cover-up is worse than honest flaw"
68. "Manche menschen ändret sich nie."
69. "Not for all the money in China"
70. "Return your money"
71. "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender"
72. "Only one gets in the door"
73. "It is hopeless and we 're not giving up"
74. "Why our physical laws appear so simple: In the event of an unlikely universe having inhabitants, they surely would find that their universe is, in fact, unlikely"
75. "Why must we have duplicates?"
76. "Actor is not actually a doctor."
77. "Worry is interest paid on trouble before it falls due."
78. "Style is when they run you out of town and make it look as if you 're leading the parade."
79. "If you don 't know where you 're going, any road will take you there."
80. "We can offer you an industrial strength belief system."
81. "The flapping of your wings makes it really hard to read the news."
82. "Red. Plum. Juicy."
83. "Thank you for purchasing the DXL-9900A Ego Deletion Device."
84. "Oh, the machinery."
85. "Free dance lessons given"
86. "Psst! A word in your ear..."
87. "Everywhere from here leads away."
88. "Sometimes I walk up to your door and do not knock."
89. "It had to happen,"
90. "You have a friendly anatomy."
91. "Tomorrow I begin"
92. "The circus is in town, and the elephants have practiced."
93. "Is it possible for you to send me some of your stuff?"
94. "Jar kip pasta"
95. "Pedal minor romin ladep"
96. "25% of children have imaginary companions, 10% have real friends."
97. "Finally, sex in the white house again"
98. "Are we on the guestlist?"
99. "You probably ?nd this idea strange and implausible, and I must confess that this is my gut reaction too."
100. "Space ends here - mind the gap"
101. "Stop following yourself around like a lost puppy"
102. "The blackboard of Edward Witten."
103. "Everyone says fuck you but no one keeps their word."
104. "Erase your facebook profile - this is not friendship"
105. "These pillows do not match the curtains. I like it!"
106. "How long since you played dead?"
107. "I could tell you, but i won 't"
108. "Dreams do not foretell the future they reveal states of mind in which the future may be implicit."
109. "Paranoia panorama"
110. "I am something worse than a romantic. I am a sentimentalist."
111. "Take me to your leader! Failing that, take me to bed and let 's make hybrids"
112. "To live is to battle with trolls"
113. "The great thing about hollywood films is you always know what to feel."
114. "Will it float?"
115. "Fanaticism is overcompensation for doubt"
116. "This is how it goes:"
117. "And let me tell you something else:"
118. "No describable deterministic pattern"
119. "Whenever my grandmother felt a little unhappy she baked cookies. Try it."
120. "I have forgotten what we talked about, so I will just nod..."
121. "Check your coat"
122. "It will be perfect - but don 't expect too much"
123. "William James wrote voluminously throughout his life."
124. "Our universe may be just one element - one atom, as it were - in an infinite ensemble: a cosmic archipelago. When I said I think you have a big personality, I meant relatively big"
125. "The only thing that can save us now is japanese food, especially black cod."
126. "I miss you. I know we have never met, but I miss you"
127. "In Chinese letters your scars combined read ’get lost’ "
128. "The lab has analyzed your samples and the test-results are in: you are the ocean"
129. "Tantric sex just takes too damn long."
130. "I am half of us."
131. "Wily con man, yogi, athlete, bank president."
132. "Once there was a ghost and a ninja and a man sprouted from tiny specks of magnesium. They were the best of friends."
133. "Fame for sale here"
134. "667 - his garden is the envy of his neighbor."
135. "A thing 's place no longer anything but a point in its movement"
136. "Soon we will enjoy the fruits of your labour."
137. "There are two kinds of pepole in this world: the ones I don 't like, and the ones who don 't like me."
138. "Irgendwo"
139. "What do you want from Apparatjik? Answers on a postcard to S.Claus, 01 Whiteoutville, North Pole"
140. "The more time I spend with my dog, the less I like people."
141. "Don 't be afraid"
142. "Look kids, the sun is up - do you know what this means!?"
143. "The more you learn, the more you know."
144. "Hello"
145. "We were here first"
146. "We are all part of the experiment."
147. "Bat dna produces sonar abilities"
148. "Not everything is alright."
149. "This is very dangerous."
150. "The world is a good idea - reproduce!"
151. "Convert currency"
152. "Sometimes I think that...but then I change my mind"
153. "Thank you"
154. "Save my head to sing forever"
156. "I am jetlagged. Jetlagged am I."
157. "I promise to try and make an attempt."

There are a lot of gems in there. Had to laugh when I read this one: "Stop milking the dictionary, and tell me" - I resemble that remark! LOL. (Note to self: eschew surplusage.)
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