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studio pictures

Before I say anything else, I must thank Jakob S. for today's finds - I am pretty much reposting verbatim information he found online and shared on west of the moon:

The clothing designers in Moods Of Norway recently visited the members of Apparatjik at a cabin somewhere in Norway, where they were busy recording the new album.

Moods Of Norway blog entries:

Magne from Aha is showing us the studio (16 Jan. 09)

Moods is hitting the studio (16 Jan. 09)

Emailing: DSC00373 (16 Jan. 09)

Other blog entries of interest:

Martin, Magne and Jonas with Elton John:
Magne from Aha looking sharp (17 Dec. 08)

Moods Of Norway hanging out with Magne and Morten in New York last fall:
Morten and Sim at Indochine (6 Oct. 08)
Aha in Soho (6 Oct. 08)

Oh and if you haven't been to since Tuesday, go back and click on 'self-torturers'. You know you are one, why deny it? ;-)
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