September 12th, 2021


seeds of hope

The other night I watched a video on YouTube recorded during the first rehearsal of Broadway's 'The Lion King' following 18 months of theaters being dark. I cried like a baby. There was so much emotion from the performers, crew and staff; the simple joy of being back together again, the shared grief of all they've lost over the past year and a half, the power of the music they were bringing to life which speaks to the journey we are all on. Not a single person was unmoved in those moments, the gratitude seems palpable. 

I challenge you to watch this and allow it to move you, too (crying is optional but highly encouraged):

Something that struck me while watching this is how it likely represents the feelings and experience of untold individuals who work in the performing arts as they attempt to take steps towards live shows of all kinds within our communities. Timelines and COVID mitigations may differ depending on local spread and many other factors, but the knowledge that artists around the globe and all those in the industry which supports them are preparing to perform again is so hopeful and (to me and many others, I'm sure) desperately needed. 

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