January 26th, 2021


I believe 2 / Small joys 6

Time for a topic mashup. Also I am using LJ's new entry publisher, and I have no idea how it works. Let's go. 

~ Check out the new IGTV track 'Time is on your side' posted last week here. I like the lyric animation effect on the video, I feel like it has its own message to layer on top of the song message, although that could be fanciful thinking. Layered meanings, multiple interpretations and alternate perspectives are all common in Magne's music. Need more time with the lyrics before deciding if I want to write more about the song, but I like the sound of it and how it fits with the other two songs he's posted recently. 

~ The video for 'God is in the details' reminds me of my family's first dog — a brown and cream husky with endless energy who loved to play in the snow :-) She'd lead us on wild chases around the neighborhood and joyfully jump into piles of leaves that we had spent hours raking for her amusement and attempt to hide under my bed when it stormed (despite the piles of toys and other junk) and watch Orioles games on TV with my father and sister on long summer evenings. Random thought: Magne is 10 years older than me and he has more energy to play with this wonderful puppy/dog than I could probably muster these days ;-) I'm inspired by watching that snowy play session to find more playfulness in life myself, it would add greatly to my ever growing list of small joys for sure. 

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