April 21st, 2020


waiting for that music

Yes, I already mentioned that Martin Terefe's album is coming out on Friday and I can't wait for it.

Yes, I already mentioned that Filip Clements is releasing music on his Soundcloud that you should check out. Update? His newest song is really good!

Meanwhile, today Magne started a song challenge of sorts, and promised new music 'later in the week'. Nothing like a little competition! Give. Me. Your. Music.

Gosh I'm greedy. I haven't even written about the tracks from WXL yet (and I have a lot to say!) or the concert in Oslo, which turns out to be the last concert I saw before the shutdown. I'd love for Magne to be the first artist I see after the shutdown - I love symmetry, as you know. And now that concerts are impossible for months and months, the only live experience I am really pining for is another chance to see Magne sing his heart out. Like really lean into it, eyes closed, arms wide, holding the entire audience in thrall. Church lighting optional. The memory of December is one of the many precious things that gives me hope for times after the virus.

Whatever, give me your music :-)