January 7th, 2019


new solo album

As we wait for news about Magne's new solo album, here are a couple of Instagram posts to catch you up on, in case you missed them. Click the image to go to the source post.

Edited to put the images behind this link, because they are larger than I expected (but I don't want to reduce them because they're awesome :-)) -->Collapse )

On a side note, I just went through the process of changing my web hosting plan for the first time in 10 years - I remember setting it all up while watching President Obama's first inauguration - and made the decision not to continue building my Magne F Archive site in its current version. It will be moved to a new, faster server pretty soon, and I'm looking into some interesting new themes and post options on Wordpress to change it up. With the new solo album on the horizon, I want something that lives and breathes a little more ;-) Stay tuned.


Magne has just posted an awesome clip on Instagram, announcing his new album 'WHITE XMAS LIES' coming out in December 2019:


Let the countdown begin! Also this is cool to read: "15+ original songs so far" (!!).

Interesting that it's 11 years almost to the day since the ADOBITBOYB album cover painting and digital album release, but probably just a coincidence ;-)