May 6th, 2018


looking ahead

According to an article in Dagsavisen, Magne has a busy rest of the year ahead:

"When I met him earlier this week he mentioned the summer's 40 concerts long tour with A-ha as the "summer job". This year he will have seven exhibitions in Norway, two in the United States and one in London. Plus two exhibition projects with Apparatjik, the super group he works next to A-ha, and exhibition in Cologne. Last week, the news was that he will be a festival artist at the Norwegian Film Festival, in Haugesund's Photo Gallery in August."

With all this in the pipeline, I think it's safe to say he's also had a busy year so far, preparing for all this. Where does he get the energy from? I could use some of that ;-)

Unfortunately I won't get to any more a-ha shows this year, although not from lack of interest or effort. The show I most want to go to is Tel Aviv, of course, but it's very close to my son's high school graduation. We'll have family in town, and already have a lot of plans that week, including his college orientation. Terrible timing, but there's nothing to be done about it - thankfully I am quite used to my heart being in two places at once, and I hope the guys have a really wonderful visit to Israel. Maybe there will be some pictures posted of them seeing the sights, that would be amazing.

Like many of you who are in the US, I'm hoping at least one of those exhibitions will be within a reasonable distance from me. I definitely won't be able to get to Norway or Germany this year, so the only other option is London. My family will be there on vacation in August, and it would be amazing for an exhibition to coincide with our trip.

In any case, if you are one of the lucky ones who will see Magne's works in person this year, I hope you will share pictures on Instagram and tag them so the rest of us can experience them a little, too :-)