January 9th, 2018


worth waiting for

Months ago, I ordered a copy of 'Imprints' on Amazon. The 'release date' has changed several times, despite the fact that it was published in October. Previously the expected shipping date was November 21, then it was changed to January 23, and now there is no longer any date listed, it just says 'This title has not yet been published'. At this rate, I think it makes sense to cancel my order and buy a copy when I am in Oslo for the a-ha shows in February. If any of you are still waiting for the book, you might try the same thing if you are traveling there, or ask a friend in Norway to buy it and ship it to you.

So: a month from today I hope to have my copy :-) I'm confident it's well worth the wait.

Another thing absolutely worth waiting for? Whatever the guys are cooking up ('We eat strange for breakfast') in a Norwegian cabin in the mountains: Post 1 || Post 2