May 9th, 2017

Jack wish

seek and find

I don't have time for a regular post right now, but I can promise a longish post soonish about Payne's Gray/PPFT in Edinburgh because Nostalgia and Reasons. It's only about half drafted in my brain, needs more time to develop :-)

In the meantime, some quick diversions! Here are two ways to find some gems about Magne's art and music:

~ Visit and with Magne's name in the search box, you get tons of publications which have features about his works. Try it, you'll have hours of interesting reading and viewing there. The most recent addition is from TEXTURE at Gulden Kunstverk. Sometimes you have to dig a bit to find a very small reference, other times there is an entire publication about his work.

~ Log in to Facebook and search Magne's name, and then click on 'Top' to get the most discussed content about him, that's an easy one - but I also recommend the Videos tab for some really interesting variety. There are fan tribute videos with personal footage from events, music covers, official videos from Magne's creative and professional partners, mass media reports, etc. And if you go to Events, you can easily find the live Q&A Magne did on his Facebook page back in 2014 and relive that awesomeness :-)

Also, a German fan found this listing for the upcoming book about Imprints. It can't be pre-ordered - at least not in the US - but you can sign up to receive an alert when it is available.

OK, that's it for now except to say I am going to Giske! Not only will the a-ha shows be an experience of a lifetime, but I will also spend some time with one of my former Norwegian classmates, who moved to Norway and got married last year, and I may even get down to Flø and see Hugo's gallery and the Moods of Norway store at last ;-) The gallery is 10 years old this summer, that's pretty special. I hope this time it's sunny! And there is a wonderful little street of shops I want to amble through again, located near the ferry landing. I'm also sneaking in a Coldplay/Mew show in Sweden on my way home - that 'just in case' ticket will be used after all!