November 23rd, 2014


Tini's concerts at Sentrum Scene

Tini is just as smart and sweet and beautiful in person as I knew she would be :-) We spent some time together during the Oslo weekend, and it was really nice to get to know her a bit. She knows what she wants, she's poised and talented, but she is also very grounded and has an amazing support network, which says a lot about her not just professionally, but as a person. Besides all this, she is super nice and very upbeat. We're not BFFs yet, but maybe someday ;-) What a doll!

My story left off on Friday morning when I left Fosnavag. I arrived in Oslo around 5pm, in time to catch up with my roommate Meri, who I hadn't seen since sometime last winter. Once I got my stuff situated in the room, we went over to Sentrum Scene and joined the queue. I had a seat in the gallery upstairs, in deference to my ankle, which I was trying to save for Saturday's activity. I found a seat in the middle of a row with no one sitting near me because I knew I wouldn't be able to resist singing my way through the set and I didn't want to disturb anyone ;-)

The setlist for both nights included these songs, roughly in this order:

You Can't Have It Both Ways
Undo My Heart
Window Shopping
Running Out Of Reasons
Send My Star

'Always' was simply beautiful. It was a great choice of a first song because it showcases her voice so well, and it seemed to draw people in immediately. I was surprised by how much I liked 'Parallel' live, it's not one of my favorite album tracks but I found myself singing along and kind of digging it. 'Window Shopping' was fun and I think the crowd liked it a lot, and Tini obviously enjoyed singing it :-) 'You Can't Have It Both Ways' touched my heart like it always does; 'Undo My Heart' has a wonderful purity live. People seemed to like 'Running Out of Reasons', even those who are not Magne F fans. It was really sweet when she dedicated 'Send My Star' to the audience ('I send my star to all of you'), and it was a great uptempo song to end with.

Support gigs are usually shorter than headlining gigs, so I expected to miss a few songs this time around. I can understand why 'Solitary Me' was left off the set list, and perhaps 'Alongside Me' was too personal to sing in that context, but I think 'All We Ever Had Is Gone' would have fit in perfectly. I've bonded with that song a lot, and since Magne was one of the writers, no doubt I'll post a blog about it here one day soon.

Those are just my quick impressions from the gigs; be sure to check out the live links above and her YouTube Channel for all the album tracks with lyrics :-)