November 13th, 2014



I don't have time for a proper post tonight, but I do want to share these links for now:

~ Now that I have been to Fosnavag, I went back to look at this interview to see if any of the local shots looked familiar. All it did was depress me about how murky and rainy the weather was when I was there - it looks quite beautiful in summer! ;-) (see the full news piece here from 4:44)

~ You can also see the outside of the concert hall during construction in this clip (starting around 0:33).

~ There is a complete video of the Apparatjik/KORK performance at Fosnavag konserthus over here, courtesy of a-ha Italia. Related photos can be found here.

That's probably more than enough to give you your own impressions of the concert, the venue and the town. My own impressions (such as they are!) will follow soon :-)