November 7th, 2014


west coast adventures

When the Apparatjik performance in Fosnavag was announced, the usual discussion sprang up among the fans about who was going and how to get there. Almost immediately, people dismissed it as too difficult and expensive to get to, and the conversation died down from there. It seemed that if I made the trip, I'd be on my own. The prospect actually sounded pretty good; as I mentioned last month, I've had so few days off in the last year that I really needed a chance to unwind and do my own thing. Even though I was a bit anxious about navigating there by mysef, and my first trip on a ferry with a car, I saw it as a fun challenge too.

In short: I am so glad I went! I have so many great impressions and memories from just 48 hours, it is going to be hard to boil it down to a reasonable blog-length post. So here it is, a (partial) chronicle of my rainy but wonderful west coast Norwegian holiday.

Collapse ) I'll post about the concert itself separately, but this sets the stage as it were :-)