September 2nd, 2014


'Beatles' soundtrack

Finally, we can hear song samples from the movie soundtrack! And I am in LOVE.

Listen to these samples and try not to be in love! Or just embrace the love, either one! :-)

Hard to say if my recent Beatles back catalogue meandering exploration exercise has influenced how quickly this music grabbed me, it probably helped a bit at least. Not sure it matters much; after what I've heard so far, I must get my hands on this album as soon as it's humanly possible from my corner of the world. It looks like it will be released on September 5 in Norway (been saving a credit in iTunes since April just for this), and I heard it would be available outside Norway as well.

Two fave tracks (just now): 'As Happy-Go-Lucky As I Get' and 'Revolution No 4181' - I reserve the right to change my mind once I hear the full tracks, though ;-)

And 'Yesterday' - I'll have to write about that one later, if I can manage to find any suitabe words to do my feelings/impressions justice.