August 17th, 2014


Beatles day

I am declaring today Beatles day in honor of the 'Beatles' premiere at the Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund. Already there has been some coverage about the movie in the press, and I am sure there will be more along later today and into tomorrow. So, while I catch up on some web-work, I've got my Bose headphones on and I'm exploring the Beatles at the same time.

First up: just found this interesting article and listing of '100 Greatest Beatles Songs', which seems like a good place to start - in reverse order, because (1) I'm impatient and (2) I am not sure how much time/attention span I'll have today ;-)

At the same time: check this out - - Skal ikke legge meg opp i Beatles' komposisjoner - includes a short video filmed at Abbey Road in March

Also: This article is a five page piece in Dagbladet Magasinet, published yesterday. Unfortunately, it is only available to subscribers, but apparently this quote of Magne's comes from the article:

"I have become aware of how much the Beatles is inside of me - in the way I write and think."

EDIT: Ok, I've listened to the top 20 songs on that Rollingstone countdown, and it turns out I already knew all of the songs except one (Tomorrow Never Knows), and I have memories or associations with pretty much all the others so far. The history about the songs is pretty interesting, too - for example, I had no idea what Norwegian Wood was about (and considering how often that song is referenced in popular culture and lately in Magne's works, I suddenly have that 'I've been so clueless all this time' feeling), and it's interesting how each song is put into context in terms of the Beatles' world and the political climate at the time.

EDIT 2: Now that media is coming out of Haugesund, I'm going to stop listening to Beatles songs - but I made it through the top 50 on that countdown. That turned out to be a great guided tour of the music :-) Glad I did that.