August 11th, 2014

Jack wish

clear flashes

Have you read this blog from Tini about the lyrics of 'Send My Star'?

"I do believe that everybody has been in situations where it is not possible to be with the one you love, and to keep hope alive, it may be a good thought to send a star to the one you love.

Especially if you get clear flashes back;)"

I love that thought of 'clear flashes' - the concept of sending a star to the one you love is surely very sweet, but it can only work if that person is looking in the right place and with an open heart. And is able to answer somehow :-)

Randomly over the past few days, my ipod has served up a tune I haven't heard in years, 'Try to find me' by Gorky Park - not just once, but several times. I discovered this band back in high school, I even saw them live back in the day. Anyway this song is one of my favorites of theirs, and it struck me how well it fits in with the theme of longing in so many of the songs I've written about here:

Please try to find me
and I'll try to find you
You know I need you
just like you need me
Please don't give up
'cuz we're almost together
We've almost made it
hold on and you'll see

Clearly I'm a sucker for the hope and promise in these songs ;-) But you know? I still somehow pine for that elusive 'happy' song from Magne that he hasn't released yet :-)