July 20th, 2014


what is this madness?

There's an a-ha fan page I follow on Facebook called White Canvas, which is run by a fan who has a great knack for finding obscure photos and facts to share. I appreciate the page in part because it's well documented and all the pictures and facts have sources/credits on them, so people can go look for more info and photos on their own.

Last week, the page admin posted this:

hmm, do you hear the voice of Magne on this song? XD
"Circling the Circumference" by The Trash Can Sinatras, from their album 'Cake' (1990). Magne is credited as 'backing vocals'.


Is this a real thing? If you've been following my blogs since MySpace days (stop laughing this instant! I mean it!), you know that I :heart: Trashcan Sinatras. I didn't have 'Cake' back in the day - I discovered them when 'Hayfever' came out a couple of years later - and when I did finally get the album, it was a download with no liner notes. So when I saw this post last week, I did some searching and tried to find any kind of evidence of Magne singing backing vocals on 'Circling the Circumference', but so far nothing.

Has anyone else heard this fact before? How could such a connection have come about, and if this is a real thing, why hasn't it been mentioned anywhere in the a-ha community (that I know of)?

I need more info. Two artists/bands I like recording together is a pretty cool thing, even if it is a 24 year late discovery ;-)