June 3rd, 2014


in brief

It's late and I have an early meeting tomorrow, so: listishness.

~ 'Send My Star' is out now on iTunes and Spotify, go get it!

~ Magne has given the fans a track he wrote and co-produced for Tini called 'You Can't Have It Both Ways':

EDIT: ok, wow, that is a huge embed. But I won't apologize or make it smaller because GREEN. So there.

It's a test mix and not yet mastered, and he has asked the fans for their thoughts about it. You can leave your comments on Soundcloud directly, or on this Facebook post.

I'll save my comments for later when I have more time, but: pure Magne F. Simply beautiful.

~ Photo from the upcoming exhibition at Soli Brug: [click]

~ There will be a performance by Apparatjik at the opening of Fosnavåg konserthus on October 23.

More soon~