May 13th, 2014


not lost but found

Stumbled on this photo of Magne at his piano (with a mic!) in November in Karl Oluf Wennerberg's Instagram feed: My first thought was that Karl Oluf worked with Magne on 'A dot of black in the blue of your bliss' and I got all hopeful this signals work on a new solo album. But then it could mean something entirely different, and I am just making assumptions based on what I want to happen ;-)

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There's a new e-newsletter from Too late (See also: Astrup Fearnley Shop || The Art Newspaper)

elmgren & dragset exhibition biography
at the astrup fearnley museum, oslo

too late - limited edition vinyl

too late to be ordinary
remix by magne f

I did a little re-theming on Twitter, it's not exciting but at least it matches the YouTube channel :-) I still love that photo, but I think I need design elements that are more transferable across platforms and uses.

From recent posts on Tini's accounts, she is in London at Kensaltown working on music :-) One of her posts mentions rehearsals, so it could be she has a performance coming up. With a new single on the way, it makes sense that she'd have some appearances set up to promote it.

Finishing up with a great interview with Lowell here.