February 14th, 2014


learning to love again

'Undo My Heart' is released tomorrow (today for some of you), Valentine's day, and is streaming on a-ha.com:

I finally had some time to write, so if you want to know some of the reasons why I like 'Undo My Heart' so much, Collapse )

One of the things that is beautiful about the song is the acknowledgement that it would take complete trust and surrender ('I'll show you everything') to make a new love work. I also like the honest appeal for help ('undo my heart, take it apart, and piece me back together'), because there are times when we need help letting go of pain or regret or heartache in order to be able to start again. But most of all, I like that the song is about daring to love again, about the joy and warmth and devotion you may find once you take a chance.

I'm giving in to love again
love again
comes tumbling in
comes, floods through the windows
warming my skin
and you're there
and I'm breathing new air
and all I know is
I'm falling once again

EDIT: I wrote so much about how beautiful the lyrics are, and I didn't even mention how stunning Tini's voice is! You all already know what I think of her singing, she has such an expressive voice and wonderful tone. She gives the song the perfect blend of vulnerability that builds up so naturally to a point of awakening wonder just as the song ends. 'Undo My Heart' is a turning point between past and future; what starts as a hesitant step fueled by longing ends in a warm embrace filled with promise. There is still work to be done, but she makes us believe anything is possible now :-)