January 26th, 2014


disconnected randomness 12

~ Three photos from 'Norwegian Wood Remix' turned up on Flickr: 'Come Together' || 'Back in the USSR' and 'Let it be' || 'Strawberry fields forever'

Other stuff I've found online in the past few days from the exhibition are here.

~ Lately I've been working more on the archive site, and found some older articles and other stuff to include. I don't remember seeing this article about Tini before, but it's pretty good.

"Now I have to work intensely with myself and my own instrument, but the process is also about many others who use their skills, knowledge and commitment to bring out the best in me. For me this is as much about collaboration. We have a common dream of creating magical music moments."

From what I've heard so far, she is definitely succeeding in creating that magic :-)

~ Also, for anyone who knows Norwegian, I found this radio interview about Tini going to London to work with Magne, from back in July 2012.

~ Love this quote from Tini's site:

"If you are anything like me, you have songs that fill the deepest holes in your life. Songs that make you want to live stronger and love better."

So very yes. Seriously, we could totally be best friends! Stop looking at me like that.

~ Thanks to this photo on Instagram, we know that Lowell wrote 'The Ladies Gentlemen's Club'! Pleasantly surprised to find that out :-)

~ This song still makes me smile whenever I hear it: