January 5th, 2014


'Undo My Heart'

On Friday I stumbled on this blog from the Landsforeningen for forebygging av selvskading og selvmord (LFSS) (the National Association for Prevention of self-harm and suicide), saying that Tini's debut album will be called 'Undo my heart' and is expected in early 2014.

"Tini is a young emerging artist from Norway with a voice as pure as fresh snow.

The music is Scandinavian melancholia with mainstream appeal, and she performs her material with impressive emotional impact - without resorting to tiresome, elaborate vocal gymnastics.

This year Tini has been busy recording her debut album 'Undo My Heart' in London for Voxwatch, a UK-based artist development company owned by Grammy Winning Producer Martin Terefe and A-ha legend Magne Furuholmen."

The blog is an announcement that Tini will be performing a mini-concert in connection with the organization's 5th anniversary conference on March 6. I am hoping that with the album coming out soon, there will be a single and more live dates announced for her, media coverage, etc. I am kinda bummed that there hasn't been more attention for Marius Beck's brilliant EP or any gigs that we know of, but maybe that stuff will come with a full album later.

Anyway, it's wonderful that 'Undo my heart' will (apparently) be the title track for the album, it is already a favorite of mine. Also I think 'impressive emotional impact' is a very apt description for her singing style/technique. She really is an amazing singer, I think she will go very far, and it's really great to be here to watch her story unfold from the beginning.