November 6th, 2013


something is better than nothing?

I've been neglecting this blog! Sorry about that. I did make one post recently which I took down again because it was only about 10% on topic - I really need to set up a new personal blog sometime for that stuff. Ever since MySpace went away, I've been needing a place to write just for myself. Ah well, I'll get around to it one day :-)

Anyway, just some quick things:

~ Watched the live stream from Choreography of Sound today, and it was so interesting. Granted, most of the projects were not new to MF fans who have been following along for several years, but what I liked about it was people's reactions to the projects as Magne explained, they seemed genuinely curious about them. It's easy to forget over time all the cool things he and Apparatjik have done in terms of crowdsourcing and bringing the audience into the composition process etc, but when he went through the projects all together, it was quite impressive all over again. Hopefully the audience got enough from the quick overview to come away with a relatively good grasp on it all.

~ It occurred to me last week that we know probably more than half the songs on Tini's album, at least by name. Between THE THIEF and WiMP videos and the hints she has left in the form of lyrics and hashtags in her social media posts, it seems the tracklist may include these songs:

Ladies Gentlemen's Club
Solitary me
Undo my heart
Alongside me
You can't have it both ways

It could be that these are lyrics to a song called 'Undo my heart', which Tini has posted about a couple of times:

'They say that love's a catapult / to throw out your doubts'

Amen, sister. Sometimes even the smallest doubts can nag at you so much that you can't see the truth in front of your eyes, and your mind and your heart are in a constant battle with each other. Because let's face it, if both your heart and your mind had doubts, you could easily walk away without looking back; if your heart and your mind were in perfect agreement, there would be no doubts and you'd be happy. It's when your heart believes one thing strongly but maybe your mind needs 'proof' (or vice versa, I guess), that doubts set in and slow you down. It's love's job to clear all that away, to help each other see things more clearly, so that no doubts remain and you can be happy.

Yes, I am reading way too much into two lines of text ;-) Anyway, looking forward to hearing the song to find out what it's really all about.

~ Stumbled on this article today, which looks intriguing. Haven't had a chance to research it much, I guess we'll hear more about the project along the way though.

~ According to an article today, Stolper + Friends will close by the end of the year. It's understandable of course, but still disappointing to hear - I really liked that space and had kind of assumed it would be an ongoing local touchpoint whenever I visit Oslo.