October 2nd, 2012


tell the babes

Confession time: 'Tell the babes' is one of my guilty pleasures. Between the sexy lyrics, Magne's fab vocals and the insistent beat, I can't resist it. And it seems I am not alone - ok we know I'm crap at writing about music, but this writer isn't:

"There's certainly a feeling of optimism and positivity flowing through this record. More-so on a track like 'Tell The Babes' which focuses less on the constructiveness of the lyrics and more on its overall deliverance and impulse with the track's upbeat nature. Bjerre once more lets his gracious tone of voice lead the deliverance of sound - guitar-strung tones and hefty drum beats passing in and out of choruses. With a track like this, vocals are more intertwined with the music than they are on others, but where you'd assume this may be their weakest deliverance, actually comes off as their, at the very least, most passionate - the performing nature of countless dance-pop/electro-pop outfits trumped almost entirely by a group most likely ten years (at least) their senior."

Gotta love that ;-)

One of the reasons I like the song so much is that it's such a promising follow up to 'That's the things about us', so I thought I might be a bit biased in that regard - however that writer presumably doesn't know the backstory at all and still describes it as 'passionate' and 'upbeat' - two things I definitely like about the song. Myth shmyth, this song cuts right to the chase and seduces you, musically and lyrically. In that way it's more direct than pretty much all their other songs, which is another reason it stands out for me.

The guys performed 'Tell the babes' on Saturday and there are two clips of it on YouTube so far: LenaKFrom MSK | | eveghost. Unfortunately the sound isn't the best on either clip, however the first clip has an interesting perspective, especially towards the end when they're jamming and the guys & Lowell are dancing like mad :-)

EDIT: The lovely Carmen uploaded this clip: