September 28th, 2012


first videos from Oslo

Already some photos and videos from Oslo have surfaced today, from Apparatjik's rehearsal this afternoon and from a press/industry preview concert tonight:


From user Savagebeauty - "Supersonic Sound" | | "Josie"

Preview concert:

From user eveghost - "Arrow and Bow" | | Lowell song and "Superpositions" | | "Pakt" and "Control Park" | | "Deadbeat"

From user LenaKFromMSK - "Pakt" | | "Control Park" | | "Arrow and Bow"

A couple of good friends are there in Oslo and have promised to record as much as possible tomorrow. Keep an eye on Twitter users @magnef and @astrupfearnley and @alyssanilsen for updates. Oh, and I've finally finished up some other web work, and can update this weekend - glad to get back to it finally, there is a lot to catch up on! :-)