July 21st, 2012


art site updates

If you haven't visited magnef.org in a while, swing by there and click through the 'works' and 'projects' menus. It looks like there are a lot of new photos there; although it has been a while since I looked in any detail at the site, so the updates could have happened at any point in the last six months or so. But I was thinking it is possible that while Magne put together the works for the exhibition at Blaafarvaerket, the process unearthed a lot of works that had not been photographed before.

In any case, here are some highlights for those who don't want to page through all the photos just now. Most of these are the first of a series, you can click on the link here and then find the right arrow to page through the pictures in the series:

Canvas - thales (2003)

Paper - stjerneskutt (2005) | | pincette (2001) | | c5 (1998) | | kutt (1995)

Portfolios - everything happens to me (1995)

Projects - stjerneskutt (2004) | | axiome (2002) | | blue note boulevards (1997)

My favorites - 'the 7th key' (1996) | | monotype (1993) | | in concert (1998) | | love hearts (2006)

And this photo just has to be shared - yes, I know people say that Magne looks his best in blue, but I've always been partial to green ;-)