July 15th, 2012


Roskilde TV

At this point, only three clips from Roskilde have surfaced on YouTube, all from the same user. It's kinda hard to believe that hundreds - if not thousands - of people appear to have attended the show, and yet only one person up front seems to have recorded any of the gig? I keep going back to YouTube and doing new searches, in complete denial that these three clips may be all we get from the audience.

So, in light of the surprising dearth of clips on YouTube, this Apparatjik footage is a godsend. Click on 'Orange' and then select 'Apparatjik' to watch a 30 minute segment of the concert.

Random observations:

~ Oh Martin, you simply must sing more. Your voice has really interesting tone, but more than that, you deliver it with such fabulous swagger. Morepleasekthx.

~ I'm confused by the stage positioning of the drummer. It seems he has his back to the audience through a large part of the set, and I find it distracting to watch.

~ Love the group jam at the beginning of 'Deadbeat'!

~ The DJ set was a very cool idea, and people seemed to like it. It's hard to get a full sense of the catwalk/fashion show from the short clip here, but this is what I meant in my last post about pushing their freedom as far as it would go. In this setting, it all seemed to work together - although I can imagine that it might have been a bit much to grasp, too.

~ Lowell fits in with Apparatjik on stage really well! I hope they do more collaborations like this in the future, she was a great addition to the set and had so much energy! Too bad we don't get to see her duet with Martin; unless she does more gigs with them, most of us will never get to see 'That's the thing about us' live.

~ No Guy. We all knew that in advance, but it was kinda weird without him. And now that we can see a bigger piece of the whole, it's impossible not to wonder what he would have brought to the performance.

~ I like how they incorporated very familiar visual elements in new ways on the screens. And although I prefer the combat disco outfits over the bodybuilder suits as stage attire, they were quite funny and were in perfect keeping with the iconography of the band, not to mention a great way to be visible to the audience while also maintaining their playful approach to masking their identities.

~ Only part of 'Tell the babes', and none of Magne's vocals. Boo. But some is better than none, I guess :-)

~ Sequential goodness! Magne's cool vocals, Lowell singing Lisa's parts, Rudolph the motorcycle, the DJ cranking it up, and the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba! What's not to like there?!

~ The thing everyone has seen but no one seems to be talking about - people are politely downplaying Magne's alternate lyrics to 'Do it myself', and the social anthropologist in me finds that very ineresting. It didn't seem to be scripted, but I might be wrong about that. However in that context, with such a young crowd, and so many other things pushing boundaries, I can see how sponteneity and humor could have easily won out over any reserve he might have had when the thought popped into his head. He must have known very well that he might shock some people, but he did it anyway. And I love that his cohorts took up the cry and joined him, ending with a rousing dance center stage. It's an 'all for one, and one for all' mentality - if this is where you want to go with the song, then we're coming with you. That's one of the things I like most about Apparatjik, and I suspect that the lack of commentary reflects not only people's perception of this, but their participation in it as well.

Still hoping more footage will show up somewhere! Looks like the guys had a blast and they were received well.