February 22nd, 2012


reason #285 why I want my own iPad

Apparatjik World Issue B is now available in iTunes for free download!

The issue is loaded with content from NNG Berlin, among other things (hell yeah, catch the banana video game!). Love the 'Everyone is a pixel' parts of the magazine, I was almost as captivated by the virtual cube wall image submission rotation interface thingy as I was by the real thing in Berlin. Almost.

EDIT: more screen shots added

Collapse )

I was hoping that with the album and iPad magazine release, there would also be some news about concerts - maybe we'll hear something soonish. Right now I'm planning a trip to Oslo in September for the a-ha 30th anniversary weekend, so the travel budget is getting tighter and tighter. Really hoping I can get an Apparatjik concert in this year somehow :-)