August 19th, 2011


fun with words

At a meeting the other day, someone did a demo of one of those online tag cloud creator sites. I am sure you've all seen tag clouds before, the larger the word or phrase, the more often it is used in a document or on a web page. You can tell a lot about a web page by seeing which words are used most often, and decide if you want to visit there more often, etc.

Anyway the context was that you can use a tag cloud tool on any text (in this case, a marketing plan) to identify words and concepts that have the most emphasis, and make sure that's the message you want your audience to get. You can then edit the text to de/emphasize things.

When I got home that day, I used this process on some writing projects I have, and it was really helpful. And then, predictably, fan geek that I am, I thought it would be fun to use lyrics to make a word cloud or two. Collapse )

Ok, yeah, nothing earth-shattering today :-) If you wanna play with the tag cloud tool, the one I used is on