July 23rd, 2011


more Cobden Club live videos

As a follow up to this post, chrisf300uk has uploaded the rest of the Cobden Club 2005 gig to YouTube today. The full playlist is here.

Highlights from the new clips:

During 'Envelop Me', Magne sings 'and it was all yellow...' as a nod to Coldplay
The harmonies in 'Never Sweeter' are quite nice
Love the jamming at the end of 'A Friend Like Me'
The visuals during 'Obsolete' / scrolling lyrics on the screen (I had forgotten how cool the transparencies were during the gigs, even though it made the band hard to see sometimes)
Dan really threw himself into '2CU Shine' - check out how he jams!
'All The Time' - gorgeous as usual, love the piano
A more or less constant skipper for me, 'Little Angels' stays true to its somewhat sinister tone - but love the drums and vocals at the end, some nice variations there

It was difficult to choose which clip to embed here, but in the end I had to go with 'Noone Gets Me But You' - a perfect example of how spectacularly Magne can mess up his own lyrics and still manage to kick ass ;-)