March 22nd, 2011


let the brainwashing begin!

Apparatjik TV - NNG Berlin - 6pm - 10pm daily until Friday 25 March

From Apparatjik Facebook:

important message to humans. before too late expand mind and enhance future career prospects.
apparatjik TV broadcasting essential knowings until March 25 between 6-10pm at neue nationalgalerie, berlin.
free entry. no zonk required.

Remember how I breezed past the apparatjik tv part of the program in my last post? I have to admit I wasn't very intrigued by this at first, mostly because I thought it would be stuff we long-time tjiks have seen before on other channels. But that assumption is based on, well, practically nothing LOL. I could be right, or it could be a whole new set of video transmissions. Or both. Or neither. How's that for covering all possibilities? ;-)

I'll be visiting the gallery at a leisurely pace on Thursday and will get the full experience (can't wait to play with the interactive cube!), but my friends are all arriving in Berlin on Friday, some not until the afternoon. Must find a way to get my American friend from hotel -> NNG (apparatjik tv) -> a-ha DVD party -> NNG (pixel city) -> hotel in time to see and do everything before she collapses from exhaustion and/or brain implosion. If you see two blond ladies speed-walking up and down Potsdamer Str. on Friday, that'll be us. Thank God our hotel has a bar, we're gonna need it by Saturday night.

The weekend will be Apparatjik overload. I am ok with this.

Now go watch this, you won't regret it: iGNAN.TV x Apparatjik.