January 8th, 2011


Apparatjik doings

Things in the Apparatjik world have been quiet on the surface for obvious reasons, but there have been little tidbits over the past few months just to keep the rest of us 'tjiks engaged - we have short attention spans that need regular feeding or we wander off in search of other shiny things - mostly photo uploads to Facebook and a few status updates.

If your randomness filter is turned off, or your tolerance for strangeness is at an all-time low, or if you have stopped visting the Outland's various outposts in favor of online Christmas gift shopping, or if your 'tjik radar is not functioning properly: consider this a small nudge, a little wake-up call, to let you know that all signs point to some good stuff coming from the Apparatjik camp soon-ish. Better sort out your filters, tolerance and radar, because you're gonna need them all!

I am pretty sure they measure time differently in the Outland, they must have their own units of time, not unlike their own currency of zonk. These units of time seem to strangely coincide with various dates on the calendar in our own part of the multiverse, and that's when the magic happens. We suspect that since the guys are together in the Outland now, and there has been increased activity on Facebook and Twitter, that one of those coincidental dates is approaching.

As a small refresher, be sure to update your browser bookmarks with the following essential Apparatjik channels:

http://apparatjik.com/ - gifts for every 'tjik, often of dubious value, but it's the thought that counts
http://apparatjik.com/cube/ - if you pine for the cube, bookmark this page
http://apparatjik.com/bulletins/ - bloggish communications approved by the Committee, let's hope they never run out of breadsticks
http://theoutland.com/ - go get the Apparatjik stuff missing from your collection!
http://eyeoncommittee.com/ - get on the mailing list
http://whatisapparatjik.com/ - what do you think Apparatjik is?
http://datascroller.com/ - the lovely datascroller continues to inspire...
http://twitter.com/apparatjik - Twitterings
http://www.myspace.com/apparatjik - a place for the space-inclined
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Apparatjik/37651000673 - bookface