December 11th, 2010


all I want for Christmas

Every year my husband asks for a Christmas wish list from me. He always stresses about finding just the right gift, because he wants to know it is something I want - but he also likes to surprise me. So I always go through the exercise of putting a few ideas together, DVDs or books, jewelry, clothes, whatever, and he always glances at it and then gets me something completely off the list because he wants me to be surprised. Which is super nice of him to go to the effort, but also a little annoying to make me come up with a list he's going to ignore anyway ;-)

This year he's asked me again what I want and I have tried something new: I have asked for just one thing. I want my Alpha Beta print framed. I know this may jinx it completely, because he won't want to give me the one thing that won't surprise me, but it is truly the only thing I want. I have been very blessed this year with experiences and friendships that fill my heart, I honestly don't want *things*.

I have had the print stored away in the box it arrived in, and have only taken it out a couple of times this year to look at it and play the Word Symphony vinyl, so last night I got the box out and showed him the print again. We talked about what color the frame should be (I was thinking silver, black or pine) and he suggested gold. Because it would match his Paul Stanley painting frame. Now that would have been a surprise!

I know very little about the proper way to frame a print, the right kind of glass to choose, the mounting, etc. And my guess is that my husband knows even less about it than I do. Help? Anyone know some resources online that explain how not to f** up good art by framing it badly? Or am I too stressed about something that is actually quite simple?

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