November 12th, 2010


Nothing here to hold you - Cobden Club, 2/16/2005

As promised, chrisf300uk has uploaded the first video clip from Magne's Cobden Club gig back in 2005:

After a kind of rough/humorous start lyrically, Magne recaptures the moment and creates the mood the song requires. If I haven't said it here before, I think 'Nothing here to hold you' is brilliantly written. It's not a song I seek out to listen to, I like a lot of his other songs better, and yet every time I hear it I am struck by how good a song it is. I have to admit I like the clean and parallel structure of it, I find the lyrics compelling despite having no personal context in which to relate to them, and the piano - ok well I don't know enough about music to explain what musical elements grab me and why.

The song is so melancholy though, and I know it's a Scandinavian thing (or so they say), but I would be curious to hear a song that encompasses all that makes NHTHY brilliant, but in a tone of pure happiness. I can't imagine what that would sound like, and so far there isn't a single song of Magne's - or even a-ha's - that I would classify as truly happy. Upbeat, sure; danceable, absolutely; but happy? I don't hear it anywhere. There is always something to shadow the landscape, even if just a little.

The irony is that these are my favorite artists and I relate well to the melancholy out of long association if nothing else; but my default mode is happy and optimistic, which is not reflected anywhere in the music I love so much. Perhaps the contrast attracts me? Who knows. But anyway: brilliant song, glad to see the live clip and hoping for more.


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