September 14th, 2010

peace magne

Payne's Gray book

Picking up where I left off in early August (where does the time go?!), more poetry related ramblings. As I mentioned in July, I was on a random search for Apparatjik lyrics clues in some of Magne's old poetry, and I got out my copy of Payne's Gray to read through. That book has been sitting on my coffee table now for two months, and since I am cleaning my house for a guest coming to visit in a couple of weeks, that's the incentive I need to finally post about this and put the book away ;-)

Before I post about the poetry though, here's a little pimping of the book itself. It's well worth buying if you like Magne's art and poetry.

Payne's Gray by Magne F
Published by Hatje Cantz in 2004.
Deluxe edition boxed book with album CD.
Signed by the artist and numbered 191/500.

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Poetry ramblings to follow...