August 1st, 2010


light reading part 1

Ok so you know how you can have something on your to do list that you enjoy doing, but you put it off because there are things you have to do, so that you can have something to look forward to when you do have some free time, but then after a while you haven't gotten to the thing you actually like doing, which then makes it feel a bit like something you have to do instead of something you want to do, and suddenly it's a chore so you begin to put it off because it doesn't seem fun anymore?

Yeah, that's where my post about the 'We Are Here' lyrics / Magne poetry went. Oops.

But all is not lost, as I said before it was interesting to read some of that stuff over again and I did mark a few poems that caught my attention this time around. For light reading and absolutely no meaningful or new revelations Collapse )