April 23rd, 2010


"It's good to want things"

That's not a Magne F quote, although it sounds like it could be. It's actually something one of my oldest friends says, always with a hint of friendly smugness, whenever she's about to tell someone 'no'. It can be either funny or frustrating to hear, depending on how badly you want whatever it is she isn't going to give you, but hey, life is like that. Sometimes you want things and you get them, and sometimes you want things and you have to let them go. C'est la vie.

The newest shiny thing to catch my eye, the object of my wanting (sounds like the title of a really uninspired collection of love poems, doesn't it?), is this. Not only is it in an area of Norway I've always wanted to go to, and a rare chance to see Apparatjik in concert, but I have recently been thwarted from booking a summer trip to Norway for an a-ha concert, so I *really* want to go.

Yeah, it's good to want things, and I know I can't complain because I got the North American a-ha tour I've wanted for nine years - and don't get me wrong, the shine won't wear off that new toy for a long time ;-) - but still somehow I want to stamp my foot and cross my arms and pout. That's the trouble with following such an exclusive/elusive band, the gigs are so few and far between that it's much harder to let go of an opportunity to see them.

Ah well, better luck next year when my budget recovers from all the a-ha travel!