March 9th, 2010


Special edition Alpha-Beta box set

Just found out about this today, and ordered a set for myself:

"This very special box set features 30 large square postcard prints by artist and musician Magne Furuholmen, presented in a custom made box, and including a one-off tracing paper text piece designed by the artist.


The original Alpha-Beta etchings were first published by Magne’s London gallery Paul Stolper, and have been exhibited worldwide. The full series have now been reproduced to form this highly collectible and accessible box set.


The set features 30 148mm square postcard prints, including the 26 letters of the alphabet along with 3 Norwegian characters and an exclamation mark. Reproduced using high screen lithographic print on extra thick silk postcard stock. It is supplied in a hand finished custom box along with a special one off multiple by Magne, featuring a Nabokov quote."

For further information and to order the box set, visit Polite Shop.
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archive updates

With the recent change of to a new CMS, I've gone back and updated all the relevant links on the magne f archive site. So now the media and interviews links are working again. This is the third time I've entered links to the same content on that site, so I'll be glad if stays where it is for a good long time!

I've also finally gotten to a task on my 'it would be good to do this one day but I am too busy right now and anyway who cares?' list: I've gone through the entire magne f flickr pool and added tags to all the images. Tagging is our friend when it's done right! This way if someone searches on Flickr for images of Magne, they should get a bunch of results with a variety of contexts.

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