December 13th, 2009


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Catching up a bit, in list form:

~ Magne was featured in the September issue of Keyboard Player Magazine. Thanks to Caterina and Simonetta from a-ha Italia for this info.

The article is available for download for a small fee, however there's not much unique there for anyone who has followed along for a while - much of the content is a gloss-over history of a-ha's early days that doesn't give any new insights or info. Even the bits about the approach to synths on the new album have been hashed out elsewhere before. It was interesting to read about the instruments the guys started out on, but as a musician piece in a keyboard magazine I would have expected more detail on that front - including what keyboards Magne is playing now, something about his playing style or biggest keyboard influences, etc.

Of course that's just the fan review of the article - I am sure that for people who are not aware of the band's history and Magne's thoughts on the band's sound, it could be very interesting. It's great that Magne was featured in a magazine like this and especially that his picture was on the cover, it gives both a-ha and Magne some timely promotion within a niche readership, so in that way it's a good feature.

IMO the best quote from the article is this one:

"I think a-ha was always at its best when we could bring forth the melancholic sombre content but without the music feeling sombre; making it uplifting at the same time. That comes from the insistency and energy with which you perform the song. The content may be dark, but you should be seduced into it by the energy that's being put out."

Collectors might enjoy having a physical copy of this magazine because it's a nice layout with really sharp pictures - one of which was taken by a friend, although it seems that the magazine didn't give her credit for the image.

~ Magne has been very busy on the art front, having had six different large and small exhibitions of his works in London, Oslo, Lillehammer, New York and Boston since October 15.

For those who bought an 'Alpha Beta' print, an update was sent out on November 17 from Magne and Paul Stolper:

11/17/09 - Alpha Beta Prints and Word Symphony Vinyl Discs

Due to delays in the printing process and with Magne F currently on tour with a-ha, the prints will now be signed end of November, a month late.

A technical error occurred at the pressing plant during production of the vinyls. This fault has been corrected and perfect vinyl discs are being now pressed.

The prints and vinyls will be sent out to you during first half of December, in due time before Xmas.

We apologize for this delay outside of our control, but believe this is worth waiting for.

Paul Stolper & Magne F

We're rapidly approaching the middle of December, and that means we're that much closer to receving our prints. Hopefully they'll send another update so we know when to watch the post.

~ ADOB has returned to active rotation on my car stereo, after quite a while of being second or third string. I've spent most of this year preoccupied with some great new releases: Mew, Blue October, a-ha, Sondre Lerche, Trashcan Sinatras, etc. Anyway, happened to look at the CD liner notes last weekend while I was searching for a CD that went missing, and suddenly realized that the front cover of ADOB makes me think of a diving board over crystal blue water. I have no idea what it's meant to depict/abstract/whatever, but this theory seems appropriate in a kind of unexpected and cool way.

And I hate to be demanding considering we're about to get new music in the form of an album from Apparatjik as well as 'Word Symphony', but I am so ready for a new Magne F album. There was a wait of about 3.5 years between 'Past Perfect Future Tense' and 'A dot of black in the blue of your bliss', so if we take that as a model, factor in a-ha's final tour, the Apparatjik activity and Magne's usual level of visual art work, I'm guessing it will be 2012 before we get another true Magne F album. Which, let's face it, none of us have the capacity to truly enjoy just now anyway I suppose ;-)

~ I am debating using a new CMS for the Magne F archive site, but that means wiping out everything I just spent a month recoding in HTML. May spend some time on that during the Christmas holiday, it would be fun to play with a new CMS and if it gives me more flexibility without being obnoxious to theme, that would be very cool.

~ EDIT: The Apparatjik webdudes have hinted at something special coming our way soon, so keep an eye on Twitter and/or around Christmas. [*cough* *cough* ;-)]

disconnected randomness 2

I knew I had forgotten something!

The fabulous and talented Apparatacle has put in many hours setting up a spiffy new discussion forum for Apparatjik fans, since the last one was error-tastic and chock full of bah humbug. The new forum is over here, be sure to update your bookmarks and get on in there.

Check out this thread for our newest secret squirrel project, which is not so secret since I am blogging about it here and the thread is public...but let's all pretend, mmkay? ;-)

Some smart chick on the forum has also come up with the new term 'apparaddicts' which is vastly appropriate for most of us.

Oh and I've edited my last post to correct a mis-assumption on my part regarding a potential Christmas-time prezzie from Apparatjik. Honest mistake, my bad, etc. Still: good things coming!