November 14th, 2009


looking ahead

Back from the north and finally catching up with real life.

It's always so strange to go from looking forward to looking back, the switch from counting down to measuring time since...I've found that the only cure for the melancholy that encroaches on the flight home from anywhere is to begin to look forward again.

But I'll indulge in a brief look back nonetheless ;-) Norway this time was like a kind of homecoming, having been there enough times by now not to have the 'tourist imperative', and enough times to have a favorite place to get coffee, a favorite place to sit and people watch, a favorite time of day (when the sun winks above the skyline before it fades from view at dusk).

Nothing is ever the same as before and my memories of each stay even have their own quality of was a bit dark and dreary this time, which was new to me, but at least it gave me some idea what to expect next December. Appropriate, really, with the clock ticking as it is. But between now and then I am counting on the springtime and at least one more chance to enjoy the a-ha experience with the promise of something yet to come...when a-ha comes to America in May, the days will be getting longer, the world will be full of growth, and there will still be one trip left to look forward to.

Hmm, ok, so looking ahead is not as soothing as it once was ;-)

Actually my point in posting tonight was just to say that now that my trip to Oslo is over, the next thing to look forward to is my Alpha Beta print. Apparently the prints will be shipped in November, which means I could receive the print any time between now and, say, the second week of December. I am secretly hoping to get it in time for my birthday next Friday, knowing of course that with the volume they're shipping it is not very likely. My birthday is usually kind of a non-event due to college basketball season (tell me again why I married a sports fanatic?!), so it would be great to have a surprise in the mail that day.

Truth be told, I hadn't given much thought to the Word Symphony album before Oslo, but having heard a couple of little snippets from it at the concerts I gotta say that I am really looking forward to listening to it.

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