October 4th, 2009

jack read

poetry roots

Today I got out my copy of Payne's Gray in search of the other poem that is on my 'E' print from 'Alpha Beta'. Here it is:

Dormant seed
wants to breed
In the ground
and waiting

Dormant ache
wants to shake
the ground
beneath your feet

Sleeping giant
wants to wake
Dormant seed
Dormant ache

Keep from sunlight
Keep from rain
Keep from bursting out again

Dormant seed
Full of greed
In the ground
and waiting...

I am guessing this poem is about latent creativity, but I don't understand why it seems to be supressive. Anyway it's an interesting concept and completely unrelated to the meaning of 'Spare me your passion' - what a weird combination of poems, individually very thoughtful and interesting but together make strange bedfellows. Makes me even more pleased with my choice, I'm glad there are roots there in words that make me think, as well as a visual experience I like. Here is the print I bought:

So far I haven't heard about anyone else buying the 'E'. Why doesn't anyone else like my letter? It rocks LOL.

One of the other 'Alpha Beta' prints I like is the exclamation point. It's pretty bare bones, striking in its simplicity. And the words are great, I could be reading this wrong but it looks like: "and so we loose the game we designed together."

It's interesting too because the text comes from another poem in Payne's Gray:

Little by little
we inch towards the middle

And every road from here
leads away

Slowly but surely
the time comes when all
that's left is to face it;

Before you know it
we'll be stuck in a rut

What made us want it
becomes the thing
we hate the most

And so we lose the game
we designed together

I can't help noticing/wondering about the lose/loose discrepancy. To lose a game is very different than to loose a game; in context I can see why 'lose' is used in the full poem but I like 'loose' in the 'Alpha Beta' print because it reminds me of the Apparatjik games going on these days ;-)