October 3rd, 2009


'Alpha Beta'

Last night an e-mail went out to Magne's mailing list about 'Alpha Beta' and an exclusive/limited/way-too-cool-to-pass-up (IMO) offer for an original Magne F print together with a 12" vinyl record called 'Word Symphony.'

Oh yes, the 'E' shall be mine :-)

It was such a hard decision, but I wanted to keep in mind what I learned last year and choose something that I thought I would like a little bit more each day. There were a few amazing prints but I could only afford one, and in the end it came down to a factor I didn't expect to sway me so strongly.

On the capital 'E' are words taken from one of my favorite Magne F poems, 'spare me your passion' which was published in 'Payne's Gray':

Spare me your passion
your delicate words

your integrity and

Spare me your poems
your sensitive soul
your kindness and gentle approach

Your soft spoken tongue
your beautiful song
your clear thoughts
and consideration

An attitude so unassuming
An empathy so all-including

Oh spare me!

Just give me the silence
between all your words
the fuzz of your mind when it struggles

The moment before you stop yourself
The things that you hide,
the things that you fear
that self-serving part of your little black heart
Your greed and your foolish behavior
Your arrogance, all of your devious plots
Your pretense
Your cynical lines

It's all that I want
It's all that I ask

I looked with interest at the 'U' and the Additional 'A' and a few others, but kept thinking, "Yes, but the 'E' has that poem on it..." Not only this, but on the left side of the capital 'E' are words from another poem (so I presume - it rings a bell but I suppose it could be random or repurposed text :shrug:) which is absolutely teasing me. Must get out my copy of 'Payne's Gray' and sift through to see if I can find matching text in there.

It's been fun hearing from others about what letters they chose and why. Such a shame that 'shit' deterred a few people from the Additional 'C', but having chosen mine specifically because the words drew me, I can't blame anyone for being put off by the words as well. If it bothers you at a glance you can be sure it will bother you in the long term.

I guess I'll receive my print when I get back from Oslo, will have to keep it until my birthday to open as I surely am not getting anything else this year and possibly next! ;-)